This was a last minuet shoot for client.

Creating quick content shoots for clients is always an easy opportunity to be fun and animated. The looks don't have to be realistic for public. They just have to bring some depth to that client's style and personality. 

This particular client is an aspiring model/ blogger that just recently moved from sunny Florida to NYC. The client was looking for content to post on her blog about " Spring Style" since moving to New York.

Going with denim & a cool tone aesthetic that was an easy choice for me. Combining specific product cuts with her already ridged stature was my idea of recreating the mood and stature of the City. For me, the idea was just to bring to life for her, a dreamy version of Spring fashion in NYC. One that could be sexy, cute, flattering, and still fashion intelligent. This pull was a quick 10 minuet freestyle.


Client/ Model : @_SandyJean


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